The Apple

Beeswax Candle: Handmade in NYC

Tart and sweet—but not too sweet— the crispness of a green apple perfectly in season becomes a symbol for the brisk and stylish big city—New York, New York! The lively scent of Eden's notorious fruit blends delightfully with our famous, luxury beeswax candle and lends a sophisticated whimsy to any situation. Like an orchard breeze softening the harsh lines of the high rise, the Apple by Qualitas provides a gentle remedy for life in the fast lane. Illuminate your home with the transparent flame of our apple scented beeswax candle, let it lift you above the clamor of the Big Apple.

Wax:  100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax.

Wick:  100% natural fiber wick, no lead, zinc, stabilizers or dyes.

Vessel:  Glass imported from France.

Weight:  190g / 6.5oz  

Burn time:  50 hours

Made in New York City - USA

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