Our Story

There’s no denying it: there’s something intoxicating about a quality candle. 

The delicate scent filling your home, the flame casting dancing shadows on your walls. More than merely a way to light a room, candles can be hypnotic, cathartic, and a wonderful source of mindfulness.

That was our starting point when we sparked into life in March 2010. 

We decided early on to stay away from paraffin candles--not only does paraffin have little scent and burn too fast, but as a petroleum product it can also be harmful for the environment; we also rejected soy candles as not holding enough scent and not burning cleanly and properly.  Natural beeswax with its sound environmental credentials and superior burning performance was the preferred choice, however when the material comes fresh from the beehive it retains its impurities, such as pollen, and debris, not giving us the pure, high-quality wax we needed.

It was a tricky problem for sure, but after much time spent in our kitchen trying to combine various forms of beeswax with our essential oils under varying temperatures, pressures, and other conditions, we found a light in the darkness. 

We found that 100% USP Pharmaceutical-grade beeswax can hold essential oil scents beautifully!  By melting and straining the beeswax through increasingly smaller filters, all impurities are removed, leaving the perfect high-quality wax for our candles.  Best yet, while many candles use bleaches and chemicals to achieve a natural color, our pure white beeswax does not undergo any unnatural processes.

Over time we have refined and perfected our scented 100% USP Pharmaceutical-grade beeswax candle making technique in our Artisan Studio, until we were able to produce a luxurious collection of hand poured candles in every scent you can imagine. And the rest, as they say, is history.