Beeswax Candle: Handmade in NYC

Bergamot, the Italian citrus fruit whose fresh scent falls somewhere, perfectly, between orange, grapefruit and lemon, has been a perfumer's staple for centuries. Lightly sweet and mildly spicy, its essential oil is uncommonly versatile, mixing happily with other scents, yet always stunning on its own. It is the flavor that lends Earl Grey tea its delicate sophistication, and the scent used by aromatherapists to relieve stress and depression. Now, Qualitas has captured this faintly green and distinctive citrus fragrance in our signature beeswax candle. Light one, and enjoy the classic luxury of this beautiful fruit.

Wax:  100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax.

Wick:  100% natural fiber wick, no lead, zinc, stabilizers or dyes.

Vessel:  Glass imported from France.

Weight:  190g / 6.5oz  

Burn time:  50 hours

Made in New York City - USA

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