Fig Tree


Reed Diffuser Made in New York City

This perfect blend of the fig tree's robust greenery and its sweet fruit summons the sun drenched Mediterranean coast—the scent of ancient ambrosia captured in a modern, luxury beeswax candle. With just a hint of the gorgeous tree's aromatic candy, the fig tree scented candle by Qualitas is leafy, earthy, and clean. As Odysseus spared himself from the whirling void of Charybdis by clinging to the solid, overhanging branches of the of the fig tree, rescue yourself from the epic dramas of the everyday. Our fig tree scented reed diffuser to transport you somewhere beachy, arboreal. . . better.

Vessel:  Glass imported from Italy.

Weight:  200 ml / 6.8 fl oz  

Time:  50 - 60 days


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