Beeswax Candle: Handmade in NYC

The lovely sweet pea has been cultivated since the 17th century in Southern Europe. Now universally prized by gardeners for its graceful climbing tendrils and vibrant colors ranging from deep purple to white with a pink blush, the sweet pea is named for its softly sweet floral scent, and is an ingredient in spells for luck in love, or for any matter related to Venus. Qualitas has captured the sweet pea's charm in a luxury beeswax candle. Light it to illuminate any space with the natural sweetness of sweet pea.


Wax:  100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax.

Wick:  100% natural fiber wick, no lead, zinc, stabilizers or dyes.

Vessel:  Glass imported from France.

Weight:  190g / 6.5oz  

Burn time:  50 hours

Made in New York City - USA

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