Beeswax Candle: Handmade in NYC

Santalum is a sophisticated scent for those who love the resinous warmth of Australian sandalwood. It's a commanding scent with intoxicating nuance: One detects leather, myrrh and even a note of cinnamon in this fragrant holy wood. Used by aromatherapists to promote a relaxed and meditative state, santalum is also an ancient aphrodisiac. Deep and heady, its coveted oil is the perfect match for our pure and faintly sweet beeswax. This scented candle by Qualitas is a perfect luxury—light one and let its clean burning flame bring you the seductive calm of santalum.

Scented Candle Composition

Top notes: 

Green, Fresh, Coconut Milk, Herbal.

Middle notes: 

Smooth Amber, Violet, Iris, Lily, Cardamom, Herbal, Eucalyptus.

Base notes: 

Sandalwood, Woody, Powdery Musks, Cedarwood, Spicy Nuances, Leather.

Wax:  100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax.

Wick:  100% natural fiber wick, no lead, zinc, stabilizers or dyes.

Vessel:  Glass imported from France.

Weight:  190g / 6.5oz  

Burn time:  50 hours

Made in New York City - USA

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