Beeswax Candle: Handmade in NYC


Musk is often the base note upon which perfumers build—it grounds other scents with its soft complexity. The holiest of scents, in ancient times musk was added to the building materials used to construct temples. Woody, sweet, and... something else. It is that indescribable something else that has been sought by queens and kings, chemists and alchemists: the living scent of musk. Qualitas has captured these undefined and revered qualities in a luxury beeswax candle scented with just a hint of musk.

Wax:  100% Pure USP Pharmaceutical Grade White Beeswax.

Wick:  100% natural fiber wick, no lead, zinc, stabilizers or dyes.

Vessel:  Glass imported from France.

Weight:  190g / 6.5oz  

Burn time:  50 hours

Made in New York City - USA


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